In print:

My favorite interviewer is Jillyn from Bitches n Prose blog, because she asked the best questions. Fun ones, like which M&Ms are the best, and some questions that were quite hard-hitting. She interviewed me once about Frenemy of The People and once about Swans & Klons.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 7.27.44 PMJane Fletcher, a British writer of lesbian speculative fiction whom I admire very much, and I interviewed each other in three parts. The Bold Strokes Books blog hosted the first part, about creating all-female worlds that are not utopias and flipping a coin to determine the gender of characters. The second part was hosted by UK Lesbian Fiction blog and  focused on the writing process and why we like spec fic. Women and Words blog hosted the final segment, where we got a little carried away talking about time travel, our favorite children’s books, and ruined castles.

These are radio or podcast interviews:

My first ever interview was with Lara Zielinsky on her “Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction” show. It was a trial by fire because of sound problems, but Lara was able to re-dub everything so now it sounds great! I read a part from The End where Julia is getting kicked out of her community service program for being stubborn and individualistic.

Then Julia Rios interviewed me for The Outer Alliance podcast. The Outer Alliance is an amazing group of SF/F writers whose goal is to support and celebrate LGBTQ contributions in speculative fiction. I got to read an excerpt from The End where Marly has been left to die in juvenile jail, but then she meets Bast, Goddess of Cats.

Be The Change is an awesome radio show (on WVKR 91.3 FM in New York) that focuses on how people are changing the world in positive ways. I was lucky enough to be a guest along with Zara Ansell, who at that time was the outreach coordinator at the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center in Kingston. The topic was supporting LGBTQ youth.